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Boxy Charm Subscription Box Review

Is it worth $21/month? Are they products that I will actually use? Is it good for a bride?

Answers to all of your Boxy Charm questions from a Professional Makeup Artist’s perspective. Plus pro tips on how to use the products in the March box!

I am now on my second month of Boxy Charm products. I must say, I am pleasantly surprised that I LOVE what I’ve been sent and have been using a lot of the products on myself AND my brides. For only $21 a month, you receive 4-5 FULL SIZE beauty products.

The products in the box have all been high-end brands and even some pro favorites, like the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. That mascara alone retails for the price of the whole box!

Why do a subscription box when you can just buy the products?

Boxy Charm is amazing because of the price. In the March box alone the products together retail for around $150+. It is also a great opportunity to try products that you may not have thought to purchase. I once received an eyebrow tint that I never thought I would like, and now it’s my favorite brow product!

March 2019 Box:

The March 2019 box is amazing!!!! What I got:

  1. Cover FX Perfecter Face Palette: ($45) I am a palette lover! But I don’t always splurge on buying palettes when I have so much in my kit already! Getting this in my kit made my day! It is a stunning palette AND it is an exclusive launch, limited edition. The powders are so blendable, smooth, and pigmented. There is a contour shade, 2 highlights (one champagne and one rosey), a beautiful pink blush, a finishing powder, AND a brightener.

    The beauty of a palette like this is it’s versatility. Every single powder can be used on the face, eyes, AND lips. Let no powder go to waste! I am so happy to have this palette as an addition to my professional kit. (I may need to buy another for myself!)

    • Highlighters: Highlighters should be applied wherever the light would naturally hit your face, in all of the areas that you want to enhance. This includes the tops of the cheek bones, the center/tip of the nose, center of the forehead, bows of the lips, and center of the chin. You can also apply these gorgeous colors to the corners of the eye, brow bone, or simply use as eye shadows!

    • Contour: The contour shade is used to create dimension to the face. This should be applies and blended evenly right underneath the cheek bone, sides of the nose, top of the forehead (into the hairline), and under the jaw line. This shade is also beautiful as an eyeshadow.

    • Finishing Powder: This shade can be used to lightly dust the face to set your makeup. It can also be used to set concealer or eye primer, before you apply your shadows. This should be focused on the T-Zone, or center, of the face.

    • Blush: The blush should be applied to the apples of the cheeks. It helps to find the right location by smiling as you apply it. It is important for blush to be blended well into the rest of the makeup to avoid looking like a clown.

    • Brightener: A brightening powder can be used under the eyes for added illumination, or to set any highlighting areas. I like to use this BEFORE applying my highlighters, to give a more natural glow.

  2. Moda Powder and Soft Glow Kit: ($29.99) These brushes are so soft to the touch. There are 2 powder brushes; one is a little bit larger and denser for bronzing or setting. The other is smaller but perfect for setting under the eyes, lightly dusting setting powder, blush, or highlighter. I have similar brushes in my kit, but am excited to try these, as well!

  3. Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick: ($20) I am always on the hunt for beautiful bridal lipsticks. This was definitely one that I will use and recommend to my brides. It is the perfect mix of a rose and plum, with a little shimmer. It is long lasting, as well!

  4. Wander Lift Off Mask: ($34) This face mask was fun to use! It is a peel off mask that helps with brightening and purifying the skin. It is a pink pearl color, it applies very smoothly, and peels off easily. It did smell a little bit like sunscreen, and didn’t really leave my skin feeling as soft and clean as I expected. I was a little disappointed and don’t think I would purchase this again, but I am so glad I was able to try it!

  5. Manna Kadar Bloom Mascara: ($29) I am a mascara girl for sure! I will be honest, I don’t typically spend money to buy the higher end brands of mascara. I have tried them all but always go back to my L’Oreal Carbon Black. I’ve been loving the mascara’s in this box (last month was Better Than Sex). This mascara did not disappoint! It gives beautiful length, without looking clumpy or flaking. It truly “blooms” your lashes. I found it a good mascara for everyday because it looks very natural. (Not too much volume). I hadn’t tried any products from this brand before, but I am glad that I was introduced to it from Boxy Charm! After playing around, I ended up loving this mascara for the bottom lashes!

    • Mascara application: You should always start at the root of the lashes, as close to the upper lid as possible. Looking down into a mirror, as opposed to up or straight, will help to avoid any transfer onto your eyelid or brow bone. Begin at the root and wiggle in a zig zag motion to really get the product into the root. Then pull the mascara wand up through the hairs. Applying mascara with this technique will minimize the spidery, or clumpy look. For the bottom lashes, gently touch the wand to the root of the lashes and wiggle the same way. My trick to avoid spidery lower lashes is to use your finger to gently push againt the bottom of the lash AFTER you’ve applied the mascara. This will leave the lashes wispier, without a pointy clump. This trick also helps to minimize any mascara from transferring to your under-eye area throughout the day.

Is this box useful for brides?

Yes! Although you will most likely hire a professional for your wedding makeup, trying new products will give you an opportunity to play around with products to find things that you may love. You may have never thought to try a more pinkier blush, but if you tried this months box, you may fall in love with how the Cover FX blush looks on your skin tone! Since this box also sends skincare products like face masks, it is a great way to try products that may help your skin prepare for your big day! Without spending an arm and a leg in Sephora trying to find the best thing for you, this will send options right to your doorstep once a month. Even if there is a product that you DON’T love, it will help to narrow your search in finding the RIGHT routine for you.

Boxy Charm sends products that you WILL use. Not little trial sizes that will collect dust in your bathroom drawer. You really do get your money’s worth as long as you like at least ONE of the products. You can cancel any time, and they do send reminder email’s before the payment is taken. You can also send boxy charm as a gift, which is such a great idea, too!

Try Boxy Charm today, click here!

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