Bridal Skincare; everything you need to follow, & more!

We’ve touched on bridal previews, finding the perfect Makeup Artist, and some subscription box products. But a question that I get from almost every bride is What should I do for my skin?! Makeup does wonders, but our brushes are not magic wands. Your foundation can only be as flawless as your skincare regimen and prep is!

I’ve teamed up with an amazing skincare EXPERT, Daniela Marcolla, to give you everything you need to know about prepping your skin for your big day! She will answer all of the questions that you asked on my Instagram and in your bridal makeup inquiries. Keep reading to get the scoop on what to do AND what not to do before your wedding day!


First, a little background info! Daniela Marcolla is a licensed esthetician who was quite literally born into the beauty industry. Her mother owns a hair salon that she grew up in and that laid the path for her love of beauty. After obtaining her degree in education, she knew she needed to follow her heart- and esthetic school was the answer. After years of working in the field at established salons and even as an educator, she was able to build her dream in-home studio! She has been thoroughly trained by some of the most prestigious skin care companies, including Image Skincare, Dermalogica, Tata Harper, and Elizabeth Arden, (just to name a few of the many!)

My Facial experience with Daniela!

I hadn’t had a facial in years! I used to go to a big plastic surgeon’s medical spa, and I loved it- but it broke the bank. After having my son, I did not have the time or extra money to splurge on a $250 facial and didn’t want to be persuaded to buy another $300 worth of products! When I saw Daniela on Instagram, I picked her brain about my skin concerns and she was SO helpful. She was extremely knowledgeable about all of the ingredients to use and avoid. It was obvious that she was the real deal!

Since so many of my brides often turn to me for their skincare questions (of course they want beautiful, radiant skin for their wedding!), I knew I needed to guide them with EXPERT advice. I didn’t want to recommend products that I knew were popular, I wanted to make sure I was giving them the best advice for THEM.

I went to Daniela’s stunning in-home spa and it was nothing short of amazing. It is decorated beautifully, feels so serene, and truly feels like you’re in a spa (I forgot that I was in her house!) She has an incredible heated bed, light relaxing music, and wonderful aromatherapy in the air. She begins by cleansing the skin, then we spoke about my skin concerns and what her concerns were. She continued to apply a mask targeted my needs, did some extractions, massaged my arms/hands — it was heavenly!!


After my facial, my skin actually felt like it could BREATHE! It was so clear and hydrated. I did not breakout and my skin glowed for days. I then purchased the products that she recommended- most of which were in my budget and right on Amazon (win-win!). I can see such a drastic difference in my texture and even elasticity. (I was a few months away from trying botox before Daniela!) What started as a collaboration for my brides, turned into an unbelieveable experience for me, and I am SO grateful to Daniela for restoring my skin that I have been struggling with for so long! I have already booked my next appointment and I wholeheartedly believe that EVERY BRIDE NEEDS TO SEE HER!

Answers to all of YOUR questions:

Why is skincare so important, if you’re covering it with makeup?

The most important part of a flawless makeup application is a good canvas. Breakouts and congested skin cannot always be covered. Dry flaky skin cannot be covered either. The better condition your skin is in, the more flawless and glowing your makeup will look. In your wedding day, you don’t want to look like your “covering” anything up, you want to look like yourself with makeup used to accentuate your existing beauty. 

When should I get a facial before my wedding? 

If you have troubled skin, I suggested starting to  get facials about 4 months before your wedding, that allows 4 facials to correct any major concerns, getting your skin ideal for your wedding day, and honeymoon! The last full facial with extractions you should receive is 2 weeks prior, however the week of you can always get a hydrating facial with no extractions.

How often should I get a facial?

Everyone’s skin is different, some brides need facials more often than others. At the very LEAST, 4 times a year (change of every season), but you can get facials as often as once a month to maintain optimal results.

How do I find a good regimen for me? I’m scared to try too much before my wedding.

If monthly facials don’t fit into your wedding budget, (because we know wedding costs can start piling up!) or your simply just nervous about them, at the very least you can book a skin care consultation with me. I will cleanse your skin and analyze. We will discuss your current routine and I will educate you on how to correct your concerns. Keeping it simple is the key, prior to your wedding. I always suggest products within your budget. I don’t sell the products myself, so I’m not in it for the commission — keeping this in mind, you know if I’m suggesting something it’s truly because it really works! My goal is to give my clients results, I am not just filling their bathroom drawers with products!

I want my skin to look radiant for my wedding day, what skincare products can I start using now?

I can’t truly suggest the correct products for you without seeing your skin, but they key to radiant skin is exfoliation and hydration! Remember that exfoliation is a balance; never over exfoliate or use anything too harsh on your skin. Always keep it hydrated! Hydration also starts from within, so drinking plenty of water does have a great effect on your skin’s radiance.

What type of cleanser and moisturizer should I use?

Every skin type calls for different cleansers and moisturizers. If your skin is oily, you want to opt for a gel cleanser, a hyaluronic serum and an oil free moisturizer. If your skin is dry, a hydrating cleanser, and a night cream is super important to keep your skin hydrated. After your facial with me, I will be able to recommend the perfect cleanser/moisturizer regimen specifically for you.

I struggle with blackheads, I’m afraid you’ll see my pores under my wedding makeup- what can I do to avoid this?

Absolutely get a good facial 2 weeks before your wedding to clean out your pores. However your pores themselves, even though clean, may still be visible. I suggest picking up the best pore filling primer you can find and asking your makeup artist to use that on you! Airbrush foundation that Lauren uses is silicone based, so it will definitely help to minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles!

What can I do for the puffiness under my eyes- to get rid of it and also avoid makeup creasing? 

Ice roller and jade roller! Also try an eye cream with caffeine in it! To avoid creasing, your makeup artist (Lauren ;) ) will be sure to apply thin layers of powder. An easy trick to refresh your concealer is to just use your ring finger throughout the day to gently pat the area. The warmth of your finger will help to reactivate the concealer and push it into place. There’s only so much that makeup can do, as it is still a liquid and will settle the more that your face moves, but you can definitely conceal any creasing by touching it up. That is another reason that Lauren recommends booking a half or full day touch-up service, where Lauren will stay with you on your biggest day!

Does diet really affect your skin?

Yes, some people more than others - and others simply don’t make the connection, but absolutely!

How can I treat my acne scars?

It really depends on the type of scarring you have; whether they are raised scars or just pigmented. Microdermabrasion can help with pigmented acne scars, along with specific products that will help even out the pigmentation in your skin. If your scars are raised, silicone scar patches can help flatten their appearance. A consultation will definitely help us to personalize your skincare journey to clear, even complexion.

Is it bad to pop little black heads and white heads? They keep coming back!

Yes! Whiteheads, or pustules, are little infected pores. Popping them incorrectly can spread the infection and cause other breakouts. When you need your blackheads removed or have a pustule, it is better to get a facial and let an esthetician do the job for you. We are educated in the correct way to do extractions without harming your skin or spreading infection. After your skin is extracted, we can determine the best products for your skin to help avoid the re-occurrence of those annoying little guys!

Where would you start with a skincare regimen? I don’t want to spend a fortune, just a few products that will improve my skins texture.

The texture of your skin can change based on a couple of different factors; rosacea, keratosis pilaris, acne scars, skin that has been damaged by wrong product usage, or just severely dry skin. I would have to see your skin in order to tell you what products are good for your skin specifically, however one product that does help with texture is retinol! You would want to begin use 3 months prior to your wedding. This will allow your skin the time to adjust to it. However, you would not use retinol if you have rosacea, kp, or damaged skin. Again, it really is essential to come in for a consultation. Skincare is not one size fits all and that tends to be a big problem in the beauty industry. What works for one person may not work for you. Having a clear, easy regimen that is PERSONALIZED to you will truly make all the difference!

Basically, taking care of your skin and making skincare a priority is essesntial - especially before your big day! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Lauren or Daniela!!

Thank you to Daniela for all of your expert guidance AND for truly turning my skin around! I am so grateful to know you! xoxo